Integrated couple/family services are also imperative for healing the wounds human trauma and of war. The Family Program is also a phased outpatient group-therapy program for the loved ones of combat veterans and first responders. This program will parallel the Core PTS/Moral Injury program. Additionally, treatment is offered for couples and individual families.


Orientation and Evaluation: Initial orientation to the combat and family treatment programs and other veterans' and first responder services and benefits.

Phase One: "Preparing the Soil"

11-week educational group series for spouses or significant others of veterans, officers, or first responders.

Family Day

A five-hour educational program for veterans, officers, first responders, and their loved ones offered quarterly.

Phase Two: "Reunification"

6-month participation in bi-weekly support group with veterans, officers, first responders, and spouses/significant others.

Phase Three: "Mission United"

Eight month Post Traumatic Growth support group for couples/families. Integrated peer support training for couples.


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