The Center for Post Traumatic Growth (CPTG) offers time-tested, effective group psychotherapy for traumatized veterans and their families. The clinicians of CPTG have been providing this treatment program to combat veterans since 2001 within the VA system. We believe that innovative approaches to healing combat trauma that reach beyond the treatments offered by the VA are needed. Integrated family services are also imperative for healing the wounds human trauma and of war. The Family Program is also a phased outpatient group-therapy program for the loved ones of combat veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. This program will parallel the Core PTS/Moral Injury program.


Orientation and Evaluation: Initial orientation to the combat and family treatment programs and other veterans' services and benefits.

Phase One: "Preparing the Soil"

11-week educational group series for spouses or significant other of veteran, officer, or first responder.

Family Day

A five-hour educational program for veterans, officers, first responders, and their loved ones offered quarterly.

Phase Two: "Reunification"

6-month participation in bi-weekly support group with veteran, officer, first responder, and spouse/significant other.

Phase Three: "Mission United"

8-month Post Traumatic growth support group for couple/family. Integrated peer support training for couples.


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