• When people enter into careers of service they take on responsibilities that their role in society and service demand. These roles and responsibilities can be at odds with their sense of self and moral values. 
  • As one veteran put it… “I am two people, I am Joe, a son, a husband and father and I am a soldier.  Sometimes what I have to do, or cannot do as a soldier, hurts me as a person. I would have taken a totally different action or made different choices if I was Joe in that same situation.” 
  • Have you been placed in situations which you wanted to act in a particular way, but were unable to take that action due to constraints of your role or prescriptions by your institution?
  • This then foments the seeds of Moral Injury. Moral Injury becomes an inevitability given the divergent expectations of their moral values and the responsibilities of their roles as people of  service. 

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