The Center for Post Traumatic Growth (CPTG) provides individual, couples, and group therapy to all eligible clients.

Healing Process

The Center for Post Traumatic Growth (CPTG)  offers time-tested, effective group psychotherapy for traumatized  veterans, first responders, and their families (Keenan, Lumley and Schneider, 2014). The clinicians of CPTG have been providing this treatment program to combat veterans since 2001 within the VA system. We believe that innovative approaches to healing combat trauma and moral injury that reach beyond the treatments offered by the VA are needed. Integrated couple/family services are also imperative for healing trauma and the wounds of war.

The program is an intensive, three-phase, outpatient group-therapy program for combat veterans which includes:


Orientation to the CPTG treatment programs and commitments. Evaluation and referral to additional veterans' services and benefits if appropriate and necessary. Thorough individual clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning by a licensed mental health professional or supervised intern follows based on need and level of commitment.

Phase One: Psychoeducation

Thirteen-week educational group series for veterans, peace officers, and first responders plus Family Day: a five-hour educational program for veterans, first responders, and their loved ones offered quarterly.

Phase Two: Trauma Focus

Weekly trauma-focused psychotherapy group in which letter writing is used to address unresolved grief, guilt, and shame (see some of the letters written by veterans under the Soldiers’ Stories tab)

Phase Three: Aftercare/Post Traumatic Growth

Bi-weekly and monthly groups focusing on trauma process progression and the domains of Post Traumatic growth for 12 months.

Find our article published in the Journal Psychotherapy, March, 2014.


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