The Mission

At the Center for Post Traumatic Growth (CPTG) We promote and support the healing of combat veterans, law enforcement, first responders, and their families, from the wounds of war and human trauma.

Recently, communities have begun to realize that the non-profit and private sectors must participate in offering services for veterans and their families if the mission of reintegrating these men and women is going to succeed. We believe innovative approaches to healing combat trauma that reach beyond the treatments offered by the VA are needed. Integrated family services are also imperative for healing the wounds of war. We are a small group of clinicians who have decided to start our own clinical treatment center focused on providing comprehensive and intensive services we believe are needed for veterans and their families to heal.

Our Mission & Commitment

Post Traumatic Growth

The concept of Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) was initially defined by Calhoun and Tedeschi (2006). PTG is a construct of positive psychological change that occurs as the result of one’s struggle with highly challenging, stressful, and traumatic events. In the past few years, many other authors and researchers have elaborated on Tedeschi and Calhoun's central idea that trauma can result in positive change (Kilmer et al., 2010; Triplett et al., 2012). The Center for Post Traumatic Growth (CPTG) is founded on the belief that traumatized individuals can thrive in the wake of trauma and that they inform our society in unique and essential ways. They have endured profoundly painful and extraordinary experiences that have deeply changed them as people. They no longer see the world the way others do. Many of them have been fundamentally harmed by being mislabeled, maltreated, and misunderstood by both individuals and institutions. At the CPTG, it is our conviction that these men and women are far from “disordered,” “broken,” or “sick.” As we have had the privilege to witness their healing process, these resilient, passionate, and courageous men and women have shown us over and over that they are some of the most principled, compassionate, loyal, strong, and honorable people you will ever encounter. It is our mission and our honor to assist these veterans to use their profound experiences to grow and thrive as human beings. We see combat trauma as resulting from broken attachments to oneself, others, and the community. Therefore, our program prioritizes and strives to help veterans heal those broken attachments, allowing reconnection to themselves, to their families, and to their communities.

What is Moral Injury?
The Center for Post Traumatic Growth encompasses three main focus areas: Clinical Treatment; Education & Training; and Research & Grants


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